Monday, April 24, 2006

of boys and lost toys




The persistence of your presence
is as noisy as the sound of the ringing of my phone
triggering a silent alarm in my head.

+ + +

You should have never given me that drink
I never knew it could be so potent
I should have never said yes
I didn't know what i was getting into
You should have never called me
I never would have said maybe
you shouldn't have said you missed me
i could have resisted you so easily

+ + +

Realising our dynamic was my bane
and reassessing this made me stronger
yet in the wee hours of our reacquaintance
i find myself smiling
as i gaze into your sleeping face

+ + +


aMgiNe said...

love the play of words dear!

undoy said...

hay... kaya pala kayo naging hausmates ni Lucy! Same rhyme and reason! Enjoy the emotion! Listen to reggae para malabas anxiety mo ;P

wanderlust junkie said...

LOL... i am i am! hehehe.

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